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Analysis of UAV Counter Control Technology


With the widespread application of drones in various fields of national economy and social development, the various potential security threats they bring are increasingly being taken seriously. In order to effectively resist the security threats posed by drones, especially small civilian drones, domestic and foreign manufacturers have developed and produced numerous drone countermeasures equipment systems. Overall, these equipment systems basically adopt traditional operational logic of detection, monitoring, positioning, tracking, and countermeasures, mainly including radar, optoelectronic/infrared, radio reconnaissance, and jamming equipment. At the same time, some anti drone equipment and systems that adopt new technological mechanisms are also constantly emerging, such as navigation deception, high-power microwave weapons, high-energy laser weapons, etc. These new anti drone equipment is also being increasingly widely used.

With the rapid development of the drone industry, the social security threat brought by drones has become a security issue that cannot be ignored in modern society. Therefore, in recent years, various types of anti drone technologies have emerged one after another. The emergence of new anti drone technology provides new means for anti drone warfare. At present, from the main new methods of anti unmanned combat summarized in this article, the main development characteristics are as follows: 1) gradually moving from new concepts to practicality, a large number of practical equipment is gradually being installed in foreign armies, with good engineering foundation, practical application experience, and even practical combat experience; 2) More emphasis is placed on precise killing of drones, such as laser weapons that have achieved high targeting and killing accuracy; 3) More emphasis is placed on the adversarial ability of drone swarms, many of which have the characteristics of wide coverage, flexible use, and high efficiency of action; 4) The trend of integration of intelligence and informatization is obvious, highlighting the damage and strike against drones on the one hand, and also highlighting the reconnaissance and tracking of drone targets.

It should be pointed out that although various types of drone countermeasures, technologies, and equipment have emerged, due to the diverse types of drones, drone countermeasures also face many practical difficulties such as complex environments and arduous tasks. From the current situation, there is no technology that can fully and effectively respond to all types of drone threats. Especially in densely populated urban environments, how to safely and reliably carry out drone countermeasures has always been a headache for the industry. To summarize the main operations of drone countermeasures and effectively address the security threats posed by drones, it is necessary to combine the characteristics of drone activities and the environmental characteristics of the region, and comprehensively utilize various types of drone countermeasures to ensure the actual effectiveness of drone countermeasures.

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