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Shenzhen Rongxin Communication Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of drone jammer equipment in China. We specialize in signal shielding and amplification, especially UAV signals. We produce high quality, high power stationary drone jammers, with absolute price advantage.Rongxin stationary drone jammer can effectively block most drones in the market, protecting privacy and security.


Rongxin stationary drone jammer is a large instrument with high power and needs to be installed and used outdoors compared with portable drone jammer. Usually large volume weight, large output power, can meet the long time automatic shielding UAV signal requirements. The Rongxin stationary drone jammer is usually cast aluminum chassis for the host shell, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, waterproof, and more conducive to heat dissipation. The machine is usually equipped with plate directional antenna or fiberglass antenna, with omnidirectional jamming ability, jamming range can easily reach 1000-3000 meters. We can adjust the frequency and power of drone jammer equipment according to shielding needs, and support customization.


Precautions for using Rongxin stationary drone jammer

1.The drone jammer should be placed in a place with good ventilation and avoid large objects as far as possible to ensure the shielding effect.

2.When using the drone jammer outdoors, attention should be paid to waterproof and fireproof. Do not place the machine in humid, high pressure, high temperature, strong magnetic field environment.

3.If the drone jammer does not work or the indicator light has problems, please contact the local dealer, do not disassemble and repair by yourself.

4.Any machine failure caused by artificial damage and bad operation, the dealer cannot provide free repair.


Rongxin is ready to provide our best quality stationary drone jammer to all customers around the world.

For 24 hours contact details as below:



Mobile/whatsApp/Wechat: +8618018769916/18018769913

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5 Band Directional Antenna Stationary Drone Jammer

5 Band Directional Antenna Stationary Drone Jammer

Shenzhen Rongxin Communication Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer for signal jammer including anti drone defense system, mobile phone signal jammer, wifi jammer, GPS jammer, etc. Our products have a good price advantage and cover all around the world.Rongxin 5 band directional antenna stationary drone jammer is developed to combat unmanned aerial vehicles of rotary type, as well as drones of the flying/fixed wing type. Rongxin is located in Shenzhen, China, with our own RF research and development team to create the innovative and cost effective anti drone system solution for the worldwide customers.

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High Power 6 Channel Stationary Drone Jammer

High Power 6 Channel Stationary Drone Jammer

Shenzhen Rongxin Communication Co., Ltd. is located in Guangdong Province, China, and is a manufacturer specializing in the production of UAV countermeasures. Anti-UAV equipment is divided into portable and fixed types,High Power 6 Channel Stationary Drone Jammer,and we have a large number of in-stock equipment. Welcome to purchase.

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High Power Stationary Drone Jammer with Directional Antenna

High Power Stationary Drone Jammer with Directional Antenna

Rongxin is a large-scale drone signal jammer manufacturer and supplier in Guangdong,China. We have been specialized in drone signal jammer for many years.This high power stationary drone jammer with directional antenna is independly researched and developed by our own.

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RX is a professional Stationary Drone Jammer manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our high quality Stationary Drone Jammer is not only Brands and we have customized service, also have 1 years warranty. Welcome to our factory to wholesale products.
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