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About Us

Our History

Our factory always follow the rapid change of telecommunication trend. We start from 2008 offering the phone jammers for examinations of the college entrance examination in China, also for prisons and important meetings of Chinese government. Then the market explodes for various signal jammers such as Drone Jammer, Signal Jammer Module, Signal Jammer Antenna, Phone Wifi jammer, GPS jammer, Wireless Camera Jammer, Eavesdropping jammer, etc.

We gradually formed a comprehensive management system to meet the hugh need of customers and begin foreign sales from 2015. Till now, we are experienced and capable to handle with complex projects of various signal jammers. 

Our main product is the high-end RF module of signal jammer, anti drone system, anti drone gun, Phone WiFi signal jammer, GPS signal jammer and the relative accessory.We can also offer the one-stop service for the signal jammer product with the signal jammer module, antenna, power supply, heat sink and cooling fans.

Our Factory

Shenzhen Rongxin Communication Co., Ltd is a professional signal jammer factory located in Shenzhen,China.Our factory has accumulated an amount of RF area talents including Hardware and Software engineers for ODM projects from design to production.For the out-shape design, our mechanical engineers usually adopts CAD for DFM to maximum save the cost engaged in the real production and ensure the high performance of line beauty, heat-dissipation, suitable hardness etc. 

More, the software engineer is always learning to adapt themselves to the latest and advanced high technology to be the innovative leader in RF area. They will suggest the appropriate electronic parts like IC, VCO, RF amplifier, Gain Block module for the whole integrated circuit. And our purchasing department will seriously select the high grade electronics supplier to guarantee each part’s quality.  On assemblies, the production engineer will guide the workers through first step to final step, to ensure that the final product is consistent with the original design.  

Also, a distinct management is gradually formed in our factory from marketing, selling, after-sales service, production schedule to logistics, to achieve effective and efficient operating and running. We now have been equipped with a complete management system of manufacturing by ISO9001 standard. The strict quality control is through IQC, QC on assemblies, before package and final warehousing, and FQC before delivery, etc.Customers’ stratification is always what we pursue.

Product Application

Judicial industry (prisons, detention centers, labor camps, public security, courts, procuratorates); education industry (school examination rooms, teaching classrooms, dormitories, various social examination sites, education and training institutions); various meetings of party and government agencies, administrative institutions Offices; warehouses, workshops, production lines of factories and mines; troops and important confidential places, theaters, concert halls, memorial halls, auditoriums, etc.

Production Equipment

The equipment include the comprehensive test instrument, spectrum analyser , CNC, etc. We have our own SMT assembly to assure fast delivery. Also, our strong R&D team will definitely offer an ideal and reliable solution for signal jammer project.

Production Market

We have customers in domestic market and overseas market ,Customer can always find the new trend product in our product lines with the cost effective feature. We have already had a nice and stable cooperation with international customers over 120 countries around world such as North and Sourth America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa.

Our service


Fast online communication with sales and engineers

User Instruction
we can offer online details photo illustration and video; local instruction is also available but with extra cost
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> Quality Guarantee

Our company will perform the agreed responsibility and duty during the warranty period

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